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Dancing like crazy can help keep you sane

July 23, 2008

Marion and I like to dance. A lot. So imagine my delight when I read that it’s good for you too. Even goofy dancing, like Matt Harding’s. And I’m not talking the expected cardio benefits. According to an article by Tara Parker-Hope in The New York Times, a “2003 New England Journal of Medicine report showed a lower risk for dementia among people over 75 who regularly danced during leisure time.” And even more surprising, “other types of physical exercise didn’t affect dementia risk—dancing was the only physical activity that made a difference.”

So read Ms. Parker-Hope’s “Dance Even if Nobody is Watching.” Then do it. And if you need a little proof that even you can dance, watch this wonderful video.

Oh, and if you need something to dance to right now, head on over for a mini-Blue Kitchen dance party courtesy of YouTube at What’s on the kitchen boomox?