Food blogs: A deliciously masochistic pleasure

No one warned me when I started writing a food blog that one danger—as you write, talk and think about food more or less constantly—is a low-level hunger that is also pretty much constant. It always seems worst when I’m reading other food blogs. Even though I mainly try to do this during lunch, I can still feel ravenous, even as I’m stuffing my face.

Here are a few things some of the folks in my blogroll have tormented me with lately. The photos are all by the individual authors; blame them for any hunger pangs.

It’s been hella hot here in Chicago lately [and to all my friends in St. Louis, yes, I know it’s worse there]. So when Susan over at Food Blogga made these gorgeous and reasonably guilt-free Skinny Berry Parfaits with fat free vanilla pudding, orange scented berries, and a crisp oat and almond mixture, I was so ready to dig in.

I gotta be honest with you. I’m not usually a big fan of lobster—too much work for too little pay off in my book. But when Jennifer over at Last Night’s Dinner said the magic word bacon as she discussed her Lobster Chopped Salad, I was hooked.

Was there ever a nobler, more versatile beast than the pig? Just think. From a single source, we get the aforementioned bacon, ham, chops, roasts and a dazzling array of sausages. We also get these amazing sounding Pork Paillards with Summer Tomato Sauce, as prepared by Christina over at A Thinking Stomach.

If you’re even a semi-regular at Blue Kitchen, you know we love spicy here. And as much as we try to take it easy on fried food, when it’s done right there’s nothing better [in small doses]. Mike over at Mike’s Table does it right, with his Creole Beer Battered Fish Fry.

And finally. I started with something sweet and I’ll end on another sweet note. Blueberry pancakes by Deb over at Smitten Kitchen. Deb not only gives you a recipe for these beauties—she gives you ten tips for making pancakes. Pancake 101, as she calls it.

I’ve not even scratched the surface here. Prowl all the links on my blogroll. Then prowl the links on theirs. Just make sure you’ve got something to eat close at hand.


2 Responses to “Food blogs: A deliciously masochistic pleasure”

  1. Susan from Food Blogga Says:

    Hey Terry!

    Thanks a bunch for the link! You are so right about the low-level hunger thing. I’ve gotten to where I try not commenting on an empty stomach. 🙂


  2. Shannon Says:

    Hey there! I live near chicago also! I just started a food blog and am always looking for inspiration. Thanks for the link! 🙂

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