Wait. Wine fights lung cancer too?


What can’t this miracle elixir do? We’ve all heard how moderate wine consumption can fight heart disease. And if you’re a regular WTF reader, you know it can actually improve memory. Well, now the November issue of Cancer Epidemiological Markers & Prevention reports that drinking wine can actually reduce the risk of lung cancer among non-smokers. As a recent article on this report at Wine Spectator’s website states, “While smoking has been identified as the greatest risk factor, a significant number of lung-cancer cases are unrelated to tobacco use.” Read the whole article here.

Living in Illinois now reduces lung cancer risk too. As of January 1, virtually all public places in Illinois are smoke-free, including bars and restaurants. Whether you’re a smoker or not, you have to applaud that waitstaff, bartenders and other industry workers will no longer have to accept secondhand smoke as a work-related health hazard. And selfishly, I’m looking forward to hanging out in some of my favorite bars without coming home smelling like I’ve been hanging out in some of my favorite bars.

Photo credit: Sebastiani Vineyards

2 Responses to “Wait. Wine fights lung cancer too?”

  1. Toni Says:

    Wow! I knew I was a health freak, and I knew about the connection between wine and heart disease, but who knew about lung cancer???? Thanks!

    And BTW, it’s interesting that you chose a photo of Smoking Loon. For some reason, this wine seems to be making an appearance EVERYWHERE! They’re clearly on a marketing blitz!

  2. Terry B Says:

    Toni—The couple of examples of Smoking Loon we’ve had have been quite good. But I absolutely thought of showing it here for the pure irony.

    By the way, I did get to Nick’s last night for the first time since the smoking ban. It was great. When I mentioned to the bartender Damien that I was enjoying a smoke-free Nick’s, he said he was enjoying it too, but wasn’t enjoying not smoking.

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