Big art in Berwyn, Illinois

We bought a new bed this weekend out in the western suburbs of Chicago. Some assembly required, of course. The two boxes it came in, one of them 76 inches long, meant that even with our back seat folded down, the trunk would be partially open, secured by a bungee cord. To me, that meant taking surface streets instead of the expressway.

And that meant driving through Berwyn, Illinois. Berwyn is a working class suburb of Chicago and the butt of a long-running joke for a local TV celeb and bad horror movie host [I’ll wait while all Chicagoans do their best Son of Svengoolie impersonation: “BER-wyn?!?”].

It’s also, at least for now, home of The Spindle. Created in 1989 by California artist Dustin Shuler, it has given many people a reason to visit less than glitzy Cermak Plaza [to me, the way cool vintage mall sign is another].

But if you’d like to see The Spindle, you’d better visit Cermak Plaza soon. It is likely to be moved—and possibly demolished—soon to make way for a Walgreens. Yeah, we really need another one of those in the Chicago area. The national drugstore chain is headquartered here, and they loooove to build in their hometown. If you walk or drive five or six blocks in any direction without passing a Walgreens—or the site of a future Walgreens—you’ve probably somehow accidentally left Chicago. But for some reason, a Walgreens is urgently needed, right where The Spindle now stands.

The Spindle is not without its supporters, though. There’s a grassroots organization, complete with a Save The Spindle website. And the Illinois State Senate has passed a resolution to save The Spindle. If enough funds are raised, it could be moved elsewhere on the parking lot and have needed restoration work done by the artist. But as with most noble human endeavors, details of any such effort are a little sketchy and more than a little messy—questions of copyright and marketing and control [aka follow the money].

So your best bet is to get out there now and see it. Oh. And while you’re in Berwyn, be sure to check out the world’s largest laundromat, with 161 washers and 140 dryers, a kids’ play area, big screen TVs, a bird sanctuary [speaking of WTF?] and free pizza on Wednesday nights.

3 Responses to “Big art in Berwyn, Illinois”

  1. Ronnie Ann Says:

    Hey Terry! You never disappoint in coming up with something cool to peruse and amuse. Hmmm…sure would make an interesting beginning for a mega-sculpture drive-in.

  2. Terry B Says:

    Thanks, Ronnie! A fascinating idea about the sculpture drive-in. There is a wonderful sculpture park in suburban St. Louis, Laumeier Sculpture Park. There, you can see some fairly monumental pieces in a green, rolling landscape. I think this piece would be much more striking than it already is in a green, bucolic setting such as this. The contrast would be phenomenal.

  3. Shauna Says:

    Oh, I love this spindle!!- and I LOVE that Cermak Plaza sign, too!!
    I’m going to write Laumeier to ask them to watch out for the Spindle- just in case.

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