Drink to your health. Really.

wine_spectator2.jpgFor those of you who’ve been living in a cave the last few years, it turns out drinking wine in moderation not only isn’t bad for you—it’s good for you. For the rest of you who already knew this, here are some specifics I’ll bet you didn’t know.

The folks at Wine Spectator magazine, being no fools, have paid close attention to the whole health benefits issue concerning wine. At their website, you’ll find article after article on the topic. You can even sign up for their Wine & Healthy Living email newsletter. I did and here are some of the things I’ve learned.

The best wines to fight heart disease. All wines offer some benefits in fighting heart disease—so do all alcohols, for that matter. But it’s generally acknowledged that the tannins in red wines provide the most benefits. This Q&A explains how to choose the best reds for the job.

Sulfites in wines. Nearly all wines contain sulfites, some of it naturally occurring. They prevent bacterial growth. Unless you’re among the tiny percentage of the population allergic to sulfites, they shouldn’t pose a problem. This Q&A has more information.

Moderation, moderation, moderation. More than one or two glasses of wine a day quickly erodes any health benefits—and can indeed create health risks. But how much wine is a glass of wine? With all those supersized wine glasses out there these days, it’s hard to tell. This Q&A spells it out for you.

And finally, gargling with merlot? According to recent research, both red and white wines kill bacteria that cause tooth decay, periodontal disease and strep throat. And unlike Listerine, you don’t have to rinse and spit wine. Read the complete article here.

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